Elsewhere: Analyzing Doctorow, Hollywood’s religion, kisses and crosses


An open letter to Ukraine’s Jews: In light of recent tensions, Jewish students in the UK express solidarity with their Ukrainian peers. (Times of Israel)

Analyzing Doctorow: Literary legend E.L. Doctorow’s new novel deals with the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship. (Forward)

AIPAC is good for America: AIPAC keeps America deeply engaged in world affairs–and that’s a good thing, Shmuel Rosner writes. (N.Y. Times)

Hollywood: Losing its religion: Movies that offer real religious inspiration don’t include the recent spate of Biblical shlock flicks, but rather philosophical explorations like “Groundhog Day,” Liel Leibovitz writes. (Tablet)

Kisses and crosses: How the seemingly neutral “xoxo,” meant to signify sending a kiss, has Christian roots that took the author unawares. (Moment)

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