Elsewhere: Yankel’s tavern, Putin’s phantom pogroms, shul and its discontents


Shul and its discontents: A lifetime of synagogue attendance has brought Simon Feuerman deep into the quarrelsome psyches of his fellow shul-goers. (Tablet)

Finding Israel in Argentina: A new novel explores the phenomenon of Israelis traveling abroad, finding new ways to relate to their home country on their post-army treks. (Forward)

Yankel’s tavern: Jews, liquor and Polish history:  A new book explores the complicated history of Jews as tavern-keepers in Poland. (Moment)

Gender inequality in Israel: Naomi Chazan looks at income inequality and professional disparities in Israel.  (Times of Israel)

Where are Putin’s pogroms?: Despite Putin’s claims that the new Ukrainian government is rabidly anti-Semitic, Ukraine has been making steady progress in redeeming its anti-Jewish past, Amelia Glaser writes.  (N.Y. Times)

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