Better call Dan! (Plus, he’s Jewish)


Well, it looks like at least one lawyer in Pittsburgh has learned something from “Breaking Bad.”

Did the hit AMC drama series about a teacher-turned-meth king teach him that crime doesn’t pay? Nope.

Did he learn that being a good person is more important than material gain? Doesn’t look like it.

But did he learn how to make a hilarious, over-the-top and possibly genius TV commercial for himself? Absolutely.

Daniel Muessig, a rapper-cum-criminal defense attorney, is Pittsburgh’s version of Saul Goodman, the tacky, smarmy and surprisingly effective lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk on “Breaking Bad,” and known for his catchphrase, “Better call Saul!”

Odenkirk’s character is known for getting small-time crooks out of tough legal fixes, and Muessig is advertising the same qualities — like Goodman, all in the name of American freedom.

The TV spot opens with a montage of criminals committing crimes like robbery, prostitution and dealing drugs — and then getting away with them thanks to Muessig’s legal services. All of the criminals then say, “Thanks, Dan!”

Don’t worry, though. A speed-read message at the end lets us know they’re all actually actors.

Then, Muessig tells viewers he’ll defend you for a range of crimes, including “funny throwback crimes, such as moonshining or pickpocketing.”

And just as the ad ends, Muessig shows up on screen spinning a dreidel. “Did I mention I’m Jewish?” he asks. A Jewish star flashes on screen, and the ad cuts to black.

So at least that’s one difference between Muessig and Saul Goodman. Goodman tells a client early on that his real last name is McGill. He pretends to be Jewish “for the homeboys who want a member of the tribe.”

Check out Muessig’s full ad below.

And in case you’re not sold on the Saul Goodman comparison,  watch this:

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