Elsewhere: Religious respirator row, loaded Mideast language, soup kitchen chic

Religious respirator row: The Orthodox Jewish family of an elderly Brooklyn woman who converted to Catholicism is fighting with her godson over whether she should be kept on life support. (N.Y. Post)

Language is loaded in Mideast conflict:“Respond” or “retaliate”? “Fled” or “were expelled”? In the Israeli-Palestinian divide, seemingly minute differences in language can highlight deep divergences in understanding events. (N.Y. Times)

Zionist dream, Zionist reality: Rabbi Ari Hart shares the story of his Zionism’s evolution — and his hopes for the present and future of Israel. (Al Jazeera)
A new kind of soup kitchen: Masbia, a soup kitchen that serves kosher food to the needy, tries to create the ambience of a restaurant — with no cash register in sight.  (People)



(N.Y. Times)

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