Elsewhere: Putin and Ukraine’s Jews, story of slivovitz, why kosher bacon?

Ukrainian Jews and Putin: Ukraine’s Jewish leaders are more concerned about coming under Putin’s rule than staying in a Ukraine Russian propaganda has labeled fascist, James Kirchick writes. (Tablet)
The story of slivovitz: The characteristically Jewish plum brandy, a popular Passover drink, has its roots in Jewish history but is thriving in contemporary America.(Moment)
Why kosher bacon?: A slew of new products, from kosher certified bacon-flavored crackers to Passover bagels, allow Jews to slip through loopholes in kosher laws. But Paul Golin asks: What’s the point? (N.Y. Jewish Week)
Israel’s conversion debacle: Immigrants who have arrived in Israel and wish to formally convert face a nightmarish, unwelcoming state conversion process, Nathan Jeffay writes. (Forward)
Humor and religion: A Jew, a Christian pastor, a Native American and a Buddhist answer the question: What role should humor play in religion? (Huffington Post Live)

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