Mila Kunis cameos with Ashton on ‘Two and a Half Men’


Mila Kunis reunited with fiancé Ashton Kutcher onscreen for an episode of “Two and a Half Men” that airs Thursday.

The engaged couple has just announced Kunis’ pregnancy. Now, they’re reprising the onscreen chemistry that famously drew them together in “That ‘70s Show.”

Kunis is set to play a woman named Vivian who sweeps into the life of Kutcher’s character Walden just as he is about to propose to another character, Kate. Their instant connection just might imperil the impending proposal — but not without a few winks to the audience.

“I bet you only date hot actresses,” Kunis as Vivian says to Kutcher.

“God no, I’d never date an actress. They’re all crazy,” he jokes.

Watch a few leaked clips here – or just get your popcorn ready for Thursday’s episode debut.

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