Elsewhere: Inside Mount Herzl, life after Rapfogel, Plan B’s problems

Inside Mount Herzl: In honor of Israel’s Yom Hazikaron, a reporter explores the history and landscaping of its national military cemetery as well as life among its employees.(Times of Israel)

Life after Rapfogel: The immediate future of longtime Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty CEO William Rapfogel is clear — probable jail time — but the next steps for the charity he robbed are less certain.(Forward)

Plan B’s problems: Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren’s unilateral West Bank withdrawal idea would uproot settlers yet won’t eliminate international claims that Israel is occupying the land, Jonathan Tobin writes. (Commentary)
Sterling, the scapegoat: It’s easy to condemn the L.A. Clippers owner for his outrageous remarks, but what about the larger problems of racism in our society, such as large numbers of African-American men on death row, Andrew O’Hehir asks? (Salon)

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