Elsewhere: Irrational rites, Syria needs Israel, mystery mega-donors

European fascism returns: With its designs on Ukraine, Russia is mimicking the ideas promoted by Mussolini and Hitler before World War II, argues Timothy Snyder. (The New Republic)
Irrational rites: Jews should acknowledge that circumcision and kosher slaughter are not necessarily rational, even as they defend them, writes Jay Michaelson. (Forward)
Photos of Ottoman Palestine: Color images shot by Gustaf Dalman, an early 20th-century German polymath, are published for the first time. (Times of Israel)
Syria needs Israel: Israel is not the enemy of Syrians but rather a potential ally, writes Syrian dissident Kamal Labwani. (Daily Beast)
Mystery mega-donors: Three philanthropists (two of them Jewish) had been giving away $13 billion in almost total secrecy — until a reporter tracked them down. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

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