Israeli teen killed in border attack from Syria


JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli teen was killed and at least two others were injured when their vehicle was hit with explosives fired from Syria.

The Israel Defense Forces responded with tank fire across the Golan Heights border at Syrian military positions.

It is believed that the attack near the Golan border fence was intentional, the IDF spokesman said in a tweet.

“The explosion is the most serious attack against Israel in recent months,” the spokesman said.

The boy, 13, reportedly came to work with his father, a civilian employee of Israel’s Defense Ministry who was strengthening the border fence. The teen was later identified as Mohammed Karaka.

Three other contractors were riding in the car, a Ministry of Defense vehicle.

It reportedly was the first Israeli death in the border area since the start of Syria’s civil war three years ago.

Syrian rebels control the Syrian side of the border, though it is not known who perpetrated the attack, Haaretz reported, citing an unnamed high-ranking IDF official.

The Israeli army is investigating the attack,  including the cause of the explosion, which is believed to be either the firing of a mortar or the activation of an explosive device.

In March, the Israeli army bombed Syrian military targets after four soldiers were injured in a roadside bomb attack. Earlier this month, the Iron Dome anti-missile system discharged after two mortars from Syria were fired at Israel.

In the past several months, several explosives from Syria have landed in northern Israel as a result of spillover from the civil war.

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