Elsewhere: Alan Gross’ desperation, Khazars aren’t us, Sufis in Israel


Alan Gross’ desperation: Judy Gross talks about the plight of her husband, who remains imprisoned in Cuba, and warns he may take “drastic measures.” (NPR)

From Presbyterian to haredi dean: Mathematician Malka Schaps, Israel’s first female haredi university dean, shares the story of her Christian upbringing, Jewish conversion and the obstacles her lifestyle has presented to her career. (Tablet)

Khazars aren’t us: A historian argues that there was no mass conversion to Judaism in the Khazar kingdom. (Haaretz)

Sufis in Israel: The Muslim mystical movement has many manifestations in the holy land. (TLV1)

Eli Wallach’s greatest hits: Watch video footage of 10 memorable roles for the recently departed Oscar-winning actor. (Forward)

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