Elsewhere: Blame Kerry, blame politics and lies, blame Hamas


Blame Kerry: Secretary of State John Kerry’s ill-advised peace push helped spark the current conflict, Evelyn Gordon writes. (Commentary)

Blame politics and lies: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stumbled into a war as a result of lies and politics, J.J. Goldberg writes. (Forward)

Blame Hamas: Leaders of Hamas rejected entreaties for a cease-fire and left Israel little choice but to escalate, Gershon Baskin writes. (Jewish Chronicle)

Interfaith Iftars: Amidst the current conflict, some Jews and Muslims are celebrating Iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast, together. (New York Jewish Week)

Mapping Jewish discourse: A new project led by Liz Shayne of UC Santa Barbara aims to chart and visualize the relationship between Jewish texts, commentaries and allusions. (Wired)

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