Israeli soldiers’ anthem: ‘We will yet return to Gush Katif’


Some of the Israeli soldiers stationed on the Gaza border are calling for Israel to resettle the Gaza Strip — in song.

In a video posted yesterday, a group of soldiers recorded “The Protective Edge Anthem,” named after Israel’s 10-day-old operation in Gaza, which has so far consisted solely of airstrikes.

Israeli soldiers are discouraged from expressing political opinions in uniform, but this group doesn’t hold back. The song calls for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “kick out all the Ahmed Tibis,” a reference to Arab-Israeli Knesset member Ahmed Tibi.

Later, it asks center-left Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, “what have you left for Hanin Zouabi,” another Arab-Israeli Knesset member, who is known for her anti-Zionist views.

Perhaps most controversially, the song declares that “We will yet return to Gush Katif,” the Gaza settlements Israel evacuated in 2005.

“We’ll kick out the Arabs,” the song continues.

So far, the song has garnered about 5,000 views, and hasn’t received much exposure outside of right-wing Israeli news websites.


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