Elsewhere: Tunnels a plenty, giving up on Israel, Matisyahu’s new life


Underground under radar?: Did the IDF and Israel’s government have any idea how extensive Hamas’ tunnel-digging was, and if so, why didn’t they act sooner, Shlomi Eldar asks. (Al-Monitor)

Ransoming IDF soldiers: Short on cash and losing popularity among Gazans, Hamas is determined to kidnap Israeli soldiers, Ishaan Tharoor writes. (Washington Post)

Negotiations’ decline and fall: Two journalists reconstruct key moments in the failed U.S.-brokered peace talks and conclude that something major will have to change for an agreement to be reached. (New Republic)

Giving up on Israel: Palestinian-Israeli writer Sayed Kashua says that hateful responses to his newspaper columns and shouts of “Death to the Arabs” spurred him to move his family from West Jerusalem to London. (The Observer)

Matisyahu’s new life: The once-Hasidic reggae star talks about his divorce, his transition away from Orthodox religion and how his kids have reacted to his changing persona — all while putting on tefillin. (London Jewish Chronicle)

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