Elsewhere: Jon Stewart and Gaza, Hamas cementing hatred, Europe’s double standard


Europe’s double standard: European anti-Zionism resembles anti-Semitism by pinning the blame for virtually everything on one group, Brendan O’Neill writes. (Spiked)

Hamas cementing hatred: If Hamas really were interested in helping Gazans, it would have used the concrete it diverted to its vast tunnel to build bomb shelters for ordinary Palestinians, Liel Leibovitz writes. (Tablet)

Gaza’s kids: Half of Gaza’s population is under age 18, one reason why so many of Operation Protective Edge’s civilian fatalities are children. (N.Y. Magazine)

Jon Stewart and Gaza: The “Daily Show” star has been raising Americans’ awareness about Palestinian suffering and influencing many students and celebrities for more than five years, Dean Obeidallah writes. (The Daily Beast)

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