Elsewhere: Arabs for Israel, Abbas’ new role, Kabbalist guru’s fall


Arabs rooting for Israel: Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states that feel threatened by Hamas and Islamic fundamentalism are quietly sympathizing with Israel during the current war in Gaza. (N.Y. Times)

Abbas’ new role: As the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, Israel’s attitude toward Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his organization has shifted. (Ynet)

Taking both sides: A Pakistani Canadian accused of being both too “pro-Israel” and too “pro-Palestinian” criticizes the world’s double standard in judging Israel and makes a plea for a Hamas-free, settlement-free, democratic, two-state solution. (Huffington Post)

Terrorists vs. freedom fighters: Conversations at a recent Ramallah wedding that included family members traveling in from the U.S. and Jordan illustrated how the media biases to which family members were exposed shaped their views of Hamas, Daoud Kuttab writes. (Time)

Kabbalist guru’s rise and fall: For years, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto had Sephardic Jewish real estate titans clamoring for his blessings and prophecies; now he’s entangled in multiple corruption investigations. (N.Y. Magazine)

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