Elsewhere: Remembering Sean Carmeli, Haaretz’s unexpected audience, Hasidic rock stars


Why Carmeli died: Gal Carmeli, the sister of Sean Carmeli, an American-Israeli soldier killed during the recent fighting, writes about her brother, the meaning she finds in his death and how the family is coping with the loss. (Jerusalem Post)

Legality in the conflict: Though Israel is entitled to defend itself, some of its actions during the current conflict are legally questionable, Amanda Taub argues. (Vox)

Haaretz’s unexpected audience: A recent survey of users found that Israel’s daily Haaretz has tapped into an unexpected demographic: thousands of Egyptians. (Guardian)

Hasidic rock stars: A female Chabad rock group performed its first women’s-only gig for an audience that wasn’t exclusively Jewish. (CBS)

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