WATCH: Vacationing in bomb shelters, false alarms and scary Hamas


As Code Red air raid sirens and barrages of missiles continue to disrupt Israeli life, some videos satirizing their new routines have popped up in Israel.

“Did you hear that?”

In this one (all in Hebrew, but the words are secondary to the sounds and images), Israelis mistake all kinds of sounds for air raid sirens.

“Attack! Carry out terror strikes”

The most viral clip so far was not intended as comedy at all. In fact, it was disseminated by Hamas to scare Israelis. But the upbeat tune and mispronounced Hebrew had the opposite effect. The clip has since been removed by YouTube from Hamas’ channel for inciting hatred, but not before many others posted it on their own channels, some in unadulterated form, and others as parodies.

“Where do you spend the sirens?”

Three Israelis chat about where they’ll be spending the next siren as though it’s a Jewish holiday. They talk about dividing time between the families (“Last year we were at his parents’ place, so, you know… we need to balance”), and siren stringencies and observance (“My parents are observant. They… wait half an hour between a siren and routine.”).

“Do you think that was a siren?”

No list of parodies would be complete without a “Frozen” parody, and yes, the Israelis have one, too. It’s in English, with bomb shelter selfies as the visuals. And no, it’s not based on “Let It Go.”

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