Elsewhere: AIPAC in trouble?, rabbi in Ferguson, Elvis: Shabbos goy


Elvis, Shabbos goy:  A Vox Tablet podcast reveals the surprising friendship between Elvis Presley’s family and their neighbors, the Fruchters. (Tablet)

AIPAC in trouble?: Clashes between the Obama and Netanyahu administrations may mean that the influence of the pro-Israel lobby is waning.  (New Yorker)

Seeds of peace in wartime: Sit-ins, walkouts and surprising moments of fellowship are all part of running a joint summer program for Israeli, Arab and American campers. (Forward)

A rabbi in Ferguson: Rabbi Susan Talve talks about why her St. Louis congregation has taken part in the Ferguson protests.  (Moment)

Jerusalem’s bitter divide: During the tumult of the ongoing Gaza conflict, Israel’s capital has become ever more segregated along ethnic and religious lines. (Daily Beast)

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