Elsewhere: Hollywood hate, endogamy blues, Silicon Wadi?


U.N. should respect Yom Kippur:  While other faiths’ holidays are days off for the United Nations, not one Jewish holiday is observed, forcing Jewish diplomats to make uncomfortable, unfair choices, Daniel Mariaschin and David Michaels write. (N.Y. Times)

Hate in Hollywood: Comedian Elon Gold describes an anti-Semitic incident against his family in Los Angeles.  (Jewish Journal)

Zionist lessons: Nearly a century ago, writers Vladimir Jabotinsky and Abraham Cahan helped define the terms of today’s Zionist debate, Jacob Heilbrunn writes. (Washington Monthly)

Endogamy blues: Despite her promise to convert, an Asian-American journalist’s romance with a Jewish man collapsed when his parents couldn’t forget her Korean origins.  (Tablet)

Gaza’s history, repeated: Past policies of the IDF and Hamas are getting in the way of achieving peace, Jean-Pierre Filiu writes.  (N.Y. Times)

Silicon Wadi?: The Galilee city of Nazareth, site of a potential high-tech boom, may also be fertile ground for cooperation between Arabs and Israelis. (TLV1 Radio)

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