Elsewhere: Mikvah misconduct, an unsettling dispute, engaging with anti-Zionism


Mikvah misconduct: The mikvah is a sacred space that is deeply meaningful for many women, making Rabbi Barry Freundel’s alleged taping there particularly disturbing, writes Danya Ruttenberg.  (Forward)

An unsettling dispute: Israel’s ever-expanding settlement project is threatening the country’s relations with its closest allies and undermining Israel’s legitimate security concerns, writes David Horovitz.  (Times of Israel)

Engaging with anti-Zionism: The right-leaning Jewish establishment should argue with, not shun, young people who are sharply critical of Israel and Zionism, writes Peter Beinart. (Haaretz)

The epicurean pita: The humble Middle Eastern pocket bread, long synonymous with fast food, is undergoing a culinary makeover as gourmet pita stands pop up around Israel. (Tablet)

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