Court IDs Israeli officer charged in shooting death of Palestinian teen


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The identity of the Israeli Border Police officer indicted for killing a Palestinian teen during a West Bank demonstration was revealed.

The Jerusalem District Court on Sunday named Ben Deri, 21, as the officer who was charged last month with manslaughter in the death of Nadeem Siam Nawara, 17, during a violent Nakba Day protest in May outside Ramallah. The name had been under a gag order by the court for several weeks.

Deri is accused of firing a live bullet rather than a rubber bullet during efforts to quell the demonstration. The Israel Defense Forces said at the time of the incident that rubber bullets had been used.

An autopsy performed on Nawara showed that he was killed by live fire. The bullet was consistent with those used by the IDF.

Deri is accused of switching to live fire during the incident, which violates the rules of engagement, according to the indictment. The shooting was captured on video.

Another Palestinian teen, Muhammad Abu al-Thahir, 15, also was killed at the demonstration by live fire, but no indictments have been handed down in the shooting.

On Nakba Day, also known as “the catastrophe,” Palestinians lament the displacement of their people following Israeli independence in 1948.

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