VIDEO: What happens when an Orthodox man wanders through Paris


We have all heard about the rising levels of anti-Semitism in Europe. But not all of us get to actually see it.

Orthodox journalist Zvika Klein, who works for the Israeli news outlet NRG, filmed himself walking through Paris while wearing the kippah and tzitzit he sports everyday. In the video below, filmed by a camera hidden in the backpack of a colleague and published on Sunday, Klein experiences a disturbing amount of anti-Semitic attention. He is taunted, laughed at, intimidated

He told The Washington Post that he “did not really know what to expect,” but at the outset of filming he hoped “no one would put a knife in me or shoot me.”

Klein’s video is clearly inspired by Shoshana Roberts “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” and Swedish reporter Petter Ljunggren’s “Jew Hatred in Malmo” documentary. Ljunggren just pretended to be Jewish by wearing a yarmulke and a Star of David necklace. But the results of Klein’s video are just as disturbing.

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