Terrorists planned to kidnap murdered Israeli couple, prosecutors say


(JTA) — The four Palestinians who allegedly shot and killed Israeli couple Eitam and Naama Henkin originally planned to kidnap them, according to indictments against the accused men.

New information revealed in indictments served against the four attackers on Thursday describe the violent Oct. 1 incident in detail, the Times of Israel reported.

Yahia Muhammad Naif Abdullah Hajj Hamad, Samir Zahir Ibrahim Kusah, Karem Lufti Fatahi Razek and Zir Ziad Jamal Amar, who prosecutors alleged were Hamas members, followed the Henkins’ car, the indictments say.

Hajj Hamad fired dozens of rounds at the Henkins’ car, and when the Henkins stopped, an injured Eitam Henkin tried to fight back and grab Hajj Hamad’s gun, according to the indictments. Alarmed, the attackers shot and killed him and his wife instead of kidnapping them, the indictments say.

The attackers spared the Henkins’ four children who were in the back seats.

Prosecutors found plastic wrist restraints among the attackers’ equipment, bolstering the idea that they were planning a kidnapping.

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