Jonathan Pollard’s lawyers: Job offer stands


NEW YORK (JTA) — Jonathan Pollard’s job offer still stands, his lawyers said, denying a report that it was rescinded.

A spokesman for the attorneys, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman, contacted JTA on Wednesday to deny a Jerusalem Post report this week that an unnamed “respected” investment firm officially revoked its offer of a research analyst’s position on Monday.

According to the Israeli newspaper’s story, the company said the conditions of parole for the released spy for Israel would have interfered with his ability to do the required work.

Pollard, who was freed Friday after spending 30 years in a federal prison, filed an appeal the same day asking that the parole conditions, including wearing an electronic ankle bracelet with GPS tracking and surveillance of his and any employer’s computers, be dropped. The attorneys described the conditions as “unlawful” and said they would make it impossible for Pollard to have a job.

Pollard, 61, is also confined to his New York home between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Lauer said Sunday night at a Zionist Organization of America event in New York that the conditions mean Pollard is “still not free.”

“The parole commission’s unnecessary conditions make it virtually impossible for him to obtain a normal job in New York City,” Lauer said. “The employer who offered him work took back the offer because federal authorities asked to install monitoring devices in the company’s computer system if it employed him.”

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