Starbucks barista said to substitute epithet for ‘Moshe’ on order


(JTA) — Starbucks is investigating a claim that a barista scribbled an epithet instead of “Moshe,” the client’s name, on a paper cup.

“So I am at Starbucks with my Jewish orthodox husband,” Gitty Halpert Pearl wrote Wednesday on her Facebook page, describing an experience at a Montreal-area outlet.

“He looks visibly Jewish, beard, sidelocks, kippa,” she wrote. “He ordered coffees for both of us. The Barista asked for his name, he replied ‘Moshe’. This is what was written on our cups.”

The attached photo features a cup marked with “Bullshit!”

Pearl tagged Starbucks in her post, and a representative of the coffee chain’s customer service replied, “We’re concerned to see this and would like to be able to get it to the right people ASAP.”

In her reply, Pearl said she emailed a picture of the cup to Starbucks.

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