Marco Rubio at Florida synagogue: Israel ‘will not have a better friend than me’


(JTA) — Speaking at a Florida synagogue, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio promised that if he were elected president, “Israel will not have a better friend than me.”

“We are going to take a side and we are going to be on Israel’s,” the Florida senator said, according to USA Today. “I think Israel is willing to be incredibly accommodating and have proven their willingness to do so. The Palestinian Authority has never shown any willingness, in fact they have turned down some very generous offers in the past.”

At the news conference at Temple Beth El, the Florida senator and Republican presidential candidate repeated criticisms of Donald Trump he made during the Thursday night GOP debate.

“We are electing the next commander-in-chief and when the one leading in the polls will not take sides, imagine if he were president?” Rubio said, referring to rival Donald Trump’s pledge to be “neutral” on Israel-Palestinian talks, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

The news conference at the Conservative Jewish congregation followed a private meeting with local rabbis.

Rubio told the media that he is the only candidate who can stop Trump from winning the upcoming GOP primary in Florida.

Soon thereafter, his campaign spokesman urged supporters in Ohio to vote for his rival, the state’s Gov. John Kasich, in an effort to stop Trump, who is the front-runner for the GOP presidential nod.

“A vote for John Kasich or [Republican Texas senator and presidential candidate] Ted Cruz in Florida is a vote for Donald Trump,” Alex Conant said.

Regarding Ohio and Kasich, Conant said, “If you want to stop Trump in Ohio, Kasich’s the only guy who can beat him there.”

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