Time updates article that inaccurately portrayed Palestinian terrorist


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Time magazine updated an article criticized by Israel for depicting a Palestinian assailant who killed three Israelis as a victim of Israeli security forces.

On Friday, one day after Israel’s Government Press Office issued a statement about the Oct. 15 article lamenting the magazine had not corrected “a serious factual error” despite repeated requests, Time said the story titled “The desperation driving young Palestinians to violence” was “updated to give a fuller account of the attack.”

The article spotlights Bahaa Allyan, one of two Palestinians who attacked an Israeli bus in Jerusalem. One of the fatalities was an American-Israeli teacher, Richard Lakin.

Allyan, who was killed by police during the shooting and stabbing attack, is described in the article as a “graphic designer” who was “killed by Israeli security forces after allegedly trying to carry out an attack in Jerusalem.” The original article did not mention the three deaths.

According to the updated article, Allyan was carrying out an attack on a Jerusalem bus and three people, including the U.S.-born teacher, died as a result.

The statement on providing a fuller account did not include an apology.

The press office in its statement Thursday said it had reached out shortly after the article was published and repeatedly to the Time correspondent, Rebecca Collard, and a Time International editor in an effort to have the language changed.

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