Watch Larry David back on ‘SNL’ as Bernie Sanders — with Julia Louis-Dreyfus


(JTA) — Larry David was back on “Saturday Night Live” playing Bernie Sanders, this time answering an audience question from former “Seinfeld” co-star Julie Louis-Dreyfus in character as Elaine Benes.

The skit, which again featured Kate McKinnon portraying Hillary Clinton, had the two Democratic presidential candidates in a mock debate from Brooklyn, New York, ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday.

Benes, chosen as a long-time New Yorker to ask the candidates a question, wonders how Sanders plans to break up the big banks. Sanders gives a vague, “Seinfeld”-esque reply. (David was a creator and executive producer of the ’90s megahit.)

“Once I’m elected president, I’ll have a nice shvitz in the White House gym, then I’ll go to the big banks, I’ll sit them down, and yada yada yada, they’ll be broken up,” he says, using a “Seinfeld” euphemism for being vague about details.

“You can’t yada yada at a debate,” Benes objects. “Also, you yada yadaed over the best part.”

“No, I mentioned the shvitz,” Sanders replies.

Later, making a reference to “Seinfeld,” Benes asks Sanders about his plan to tax the super-rich at a higher rate, and muses how the creator of hugely successful sitcom would “lose a lot of money. You see what I’m saying?”

Yeah,” David as Sanders replies, pointing at his opponent. “You should vote for her.”

David has played Sanders several times in guest appearances on “SNL.”

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