Rabbi Hanoch Hecht’s dessert tzimmes recipe


Rabbi Hanoch Hecht, “Chopped” competitor

Hecht, a Chabad rabbi in Rhinebeck, New York, chose tzimmes, a traditional sweet stew made of carrots. Carrots, Hecht explains, are called “merren” in Yiddish, which also means “increase.”

“The very fact that its name connotes increase makes it auspicious to eat carrots during the New Year,” he said, “as it represents an increase in good things for the coming year.”

(Courtesy of Hanoch Hecht)


1 bunch rainbow carrots
Simple syrup
Fresh figs
Brown sugar

1. Peel carrots and boil in simple syrup until tender

2. Slice figs in half and caramelize in a pan 4 minutes on medium heat.

3. Once tender, add the carrots to the figs

4. Add butter and sprinkle a teaspoon of brown sugar

5. Candy the carrots for about 4 minutes and you are ready to serve.

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