One Jew, One Vote: Corey Adler, 32


Every weekday through Election Day, JTA will post a brief profile of one Jewish voter.

Name: Corey Adler
Age: 32
Lives: Cleveland area
Works: Software developer
Voting for: Gary Johnson

“I myself have always been very fiscally conservative, but as far as social issues are concerned, I have tended to get more liberal as I’ve gotten older, and I really feel that neither party espouses anything similar to my views… I’d always put myself out there as being Republican, but especially [with] what’s happening with the Tea party forcing out moderate Republicans because they’re not socially conservative enough — the party changed to fiscally conservative and socially conservative, and if you’re not that, you’re not part of the party anymore…

“Both of them are going to be pretty bad, from one way or another. Either I’m going to get a government that’s going to increase spending, have how many more trillions of debt, or on the other side, you’re going to have someone who’s going to destroy things in his own way. There’s no good answer to the question.”

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