Jon Stewart recalls his ‘schmear-y’ Twitter feud with Donald Trump


As the polls tighten and the election draws to a close, one ray of light shone bright this Tuesday night for Jewish liberals: Jon Stewart came back for one last opportunity to take a stab at Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president.

At a Stand Up For Heroes benefit in New York City this Tuesday, the beloved former host of “The Daily Show” took the stage to tell an expletive-laden tale of the Republican nominee, Twitter feuds and Jewish dog-whistles.

“Let me tell you the story about, about something I’ve entitled, ‘The day I woke up to find out someone was tweeting weird shit about me,'” Stewart told the cheering crowd.

He went on to retell the story of a Trump Twitter tirade that took place in April 2013, in which Trump denigrated the Jewish comedian and brought up his birth-name, Jonathan Lebowitz, in a way that some thought sounded, well, a little anti-Semitic.

Stewart heard the alleged dog-whistle loud and clear.

“So I start to think to myself, ‘oh, I think this guy is trying to let people know I’m a Jew,'” the comedian chuckled as he continued his story. “And I think to myself, ‘doesn’t my face do that?’ Honestly, like, where have you seen this face other than a poster for ‘Yentl’?”

(And honestly, who wouldn’t want to see Stewart in a remake of the Barbra Streisand film?)

“In what world are people like, ‘Stewart, that’s a Scottish name, but there’s something about that name that looks a little schmear-y,'” Stewart asked the crowd incredulously, coining my new favorite adjective.

Stewart then tells the crowd about the not-so-safe-for-work nickname he made up for the former “Apprentice” star:

A hashtag of Trump’s new nickname promptly went viral. Trump then called the name not funny, and alleged that Stewart stole the nickname “from a moron on Twitter.” Stewart replied with a quip, tweeting, “We seem to have hit a F**kface Von Nervestick.”

That tweet was followed by four days of radio silence from the business tycoon.

Finally, Trump ended their feud at 1:30 a.m. on a Saturday, grabbing Stewart’s attention with an expletive that has tarnished Trump’s own reputation this election cycle. At Tuesday’s benefit, Stewart doubled over laughing as he read the last tweet:

“Vote wisely this November 8th,” Stewart concluded his tale.

Watch the full video bellow:

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