Anti-Trump ad in Florida substitutes ‘Jews’ for ‘Muslims’ in candidate’s anti-immigrant speech


(JTA) – An anti-Trump ad that substitutes the word “Jews” for “Muslims” in an anti-immigrant speech by the presidential candidate is running in the swing state of Florida.

A similar ad running in Utah substitutes “Mormons” for Muslims.

The ads were launched by TruthPAC, a new super PAC launched Friday by Dick Brass, a former executive at Microsoft and Oracle, the Huffington Post reported. Brass told the Huffington Post he launched the PAC to prevent Trump from winning Tuesday’s election.

In the ads, Trump is seen at a campaign rally reading a news story about himself to the cheering crowd.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” he reads in the original clip.

The ad airing in Florida, however, substitutes Jews for Muslims.

One day before Election Day, the Florida race for president remains tight. Nearly half a million Jews live in Florida.

The ad comes as the National Jewish Democratic Council blitzed Florida’s Jews with emailed video appeals on behalf of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. One email, signed by Yuval Rabin, the son of slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, features praise lavished on Clinton in late 2012 as she wrapped up her stint as secretary of state. Among those praising her at that time are Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres, the late Israeli president.

Another ad features Joe Lieberman, the former senator from Connecticut and vice presidential candidate, urging voters to come out for Clinton.

Lieberman in 2000 became the first Jew on a national ticket as the running mate to Al Gore, then the Democratic nominee. He has since become an Independent who has backed Republicans in some cases — that trajectory and Lieberman being an Orthodox Jew is a bid to draw in Independent Jewish supporters.

A third web ad is an appeal by five former and current Jewish lawmakers from South Florida emphasizing Clinton’s pro-Israel bona fides.

Also active in Florida in recent weeks is the Republican Jewish Coalition, which has targeted hundreds of thousands of Jewish homes in the state, as well as in Ohio and Pennsylvania, by visiting homes, distributing fliers and making calls.

The RJC in its campaigning has focused mostly on Senate races.

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