One Jew, One Vote: Ari Teman, 34


aritemanojovEvery weekday through Election Day, JTA will post a brief profile of one Jewish voter. Today, on Election Day, we’re posting two slightly longer editions — one of a Jewish Trump voter and one of a Jewish Clinton voter.

Name: Ari Teman
Age: 34
Lives: New York and Tel Aviv
Works: Cyber security firm owner and comedian
Voting for: Donald Trump

Why he’s voting for Trump:

“The executives and staff in [Trump’s] organizations are exceptionally talented, detail oriented, capable and also very kind people. I said, OK, this guy’s a very good boss, because the most difficult thing about being a chief executive is about identifying and hiring and fostering leaders…

“Hillary, on the other hand, has a bunch of clowns… She can’t sell out an event in the middle of Manhattan with $100 tickets, and he’s filling arenas. She’s incompetent. She’s a terrible executive. Forget her policies. Forget that her top sponsors are also the top sponsors of Hamas and ISIS… You couldn’t get two people more further apart.”

On Trump’s Israel record vs. Clinton’s:

“Trump is the biggest supporter and friend of Israel that has run for president of the United States in decades. There has not been a president of the United States who has been as outspoken a friend of Israel as Donald Trump has been in his civilian life and in his campaign…

“Years before he decided to run, he’s tweeting about how releasing $150 million to Iran is just going to go to Hamas, and it’s a terrible idea. He’s shooting down the Iran deal…

“Hillary is funded by the biggest funders of Hamas and Hezbollah and ISIS… A vote for Hillary is a vote for dead Jews.”

On allegations that Trump’s latest ad dog-whistled to anti-Semites: 

“Goldman Sachs legitimately has financial relationships with Hillary Clinton, and has gotten favors after giving her money. George Soros gives Hillary Clinton money through his various organizations, and things happen that he likes. Goldman Sachs is a global company. George Soros is a global personality. And if you look at that and generalize it to all Jews, you’re the anti-Semite. There is a worldwide, globalist group funding Hillary Clinton…

“You do a disservice to journalism if you think that there’s really a factor of white supremacists big enough for anybody to win any election in the United States. There’s not that many racists in the United States anymore that are that racist. It’s a distraction.”

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