Mourners at Jordanian teen’s funeral call for death to Israel


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Mourners at the funeral for the Jordanian teen shot and killed after stabbing an Israeli Embassy guard in Amman chanted “death to Israel” and vowed to be “martyrs” in Jerusalem.

Thousands of Jordanians attended the funeral for Mohammad Jawawdah, 17, who was killed Sunday by the guard after stabbing him with a screwdriver. The teen had come to a residential building occupied by the embassy to set up new furniture.

The mourners carried Jordanian and Palestinian flags as they escorted the coffin to the cemetery.

An uncle of the teen, identified only as Sami, told the French news agency AFP that the family has called on Jordan’s King Abdullah II to avenge the  death “because he is the one who can decide in such matters.”

“Mohammed’s blood did not flow in vain,” he also said, pointing out that hours later, the metal detectors and security cameras that spurred violent clashes between Muslims and Israeli police were removed from the Muslim entrances to the Temple Mount.

In the attack Sunday, the building’s owner, who was standing nearby, was killed after being hit by a stray bullet.

Late Monday, Jordan’s Public Security Directorate announced that its investigation determined that the assailant had attacked the Israeli guard, though it claimed there had been an argument first between the teen and the guard over a delay in delivering the furniture.

The guard was among the employees of Israel’s diplomatic mission in Amman who returned to Israel late Monday night after spending the day in the embassy compound. The embassy had refused to turn the guard over to the Jordanians for questioning, saying he had immunity.

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrated Friday against Israel in Amman over the installation of the Temple Mount metal detectors. Among the chants heard was “How beautiful it is to kill soldiers in Jerusalem,” Ynet reported.

Jordanian civilians also have called for the nullifying of the peace treaty signed between Israel and Jordan in 1994. The Jordan-based Islamic Waqf is the administrator of the Temple Mount.

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