Orphan high school students awarded scholarships for academic success


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Over 100 high school students who have lost at least one parent were awarded scholarships from the Colel Chabad organization.

The scholarships were awarded last week at an end of the year ceremony in Jerusalem, in the presence of Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

The scholarship program by Colel Chabad, a social services organization in Israel, is in cooperation with the Barad family of New York and the Meromim Foundation.

The academic scholarships are allocated based on the student’s success throughout the year, measured by test results.

The organization provides the orphan students with support and enrichment throughout the school year, allowing those who struggle academically to get the help they need, and others to reach higher levels.

The organization though another program also helps orphan students with tuition payments.

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