Israel’s Krembo treat to lose its iconic foil wrapping


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s popular Krembo snack treat will soon loose the iconic shiny foil wrapping that has given it its brand identity since the late 1960s.

According to Israeli news site Ynet, manufacturer Unilever Israel planned the move as a way to save on the 13 tons of aluminum it currently uses to cover the delicate fudge-coated cream and wafer treats.

Unilever said that no current employees will be laid off and promised to “make sure that the texture, taste and shelf life of the Krembo remain the same.” So far only eight-packs will be sold without the wrapping, as Unilever has yet to devise a way to prevent breakage when selling boxes of 20 and 30 Krembos.

Krembos, which look like Mallomars on steroids, are incredibly popular in Israel, where they are primarily sold as a seasonal treat meant to replace ice cream during the winter. In 2015, after a Royal Jordanian flight heading to Amman made an emergency landing in Israel, Ben Gurion International Airport staff greeted the passengers with boxes of Krembos.

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