Suspected Palestinian terrorist nabbed near Nablus


(JTA) — Israeli security services apprehended a man they said stabbed a soldier and caused the injury of a bystander in the West Bank.

The suspect in Wednesday’s stabbing is a 19-year-old Palestinian resident of the Jamain village in the West Bank, the Israel Broadcasting Corp. reported Thursday. He was captured near Nablus.

He allegedly assaulted the soldier, 32, outside of the Shomron Regional Brigade headquarters in the northern West Bank, near the settlement of Itamar. He was injured in the face and upper body. Other soldiers fired at the assailant, who fled.

A woman, 26, was caught in the crossfire and injured in the leg. Both victims were taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah in central Israel.

Prior to his arrest, the suspect was seen making his way toward Huwara, a Palestinian village near Nablus.

The incident comes days after a Palestinian man killed two Israelis and injured another at a factory where he was employed at the Barkan Industrial Zone in the West Bank. The search is still on for the gunman, whose sister was arrested Thursday in connection with the attack.

“Extraordinary intelligence and operative work has led to the terrorist’s capture just hours after the attack,” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on Twitter. “These capabilities and many others help us focus on the main mission of capturing the despicable murderer from Barkan. The score with him will soon be settled.”

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