Man arrested in Brooklyn for harassing Jewish car owner with ‘Heil Hitler’ salute


(JTA) — A man was arrested in Brooklyn for shouting “Heil Hitler” at a Jewish man as he sat in his car.

The man who was identifiably Jewish was sitting in his parked car and preparing to go to a meeting in a nearby building on Thursday morning when the young African American man shouted at him through the window that he should leave the neighborhood. “This is a black neighborhood and you don’t belong here,” the man said, according to Yeshiva World News.

He then started saying “Heil Hitler” and making the stiff-arm salute, which was filmed by the camera on the car owner’s cell phone. He returned to the car a second time to shout the same anti-Semitic slur.

The car owner made a police report. He was asked about a half hour later to come to a local police station and identify the perpetrator, who was then arrested.

The same day, a school bus driver in the Boro Park neighborhood of made a Hitler salute and yelled “Heil Hitler” at an identifiably Jewish man after complaining that he did not park properly near a local school. The bus driver asked “do you do this when you park near ‘your’ schools?” according to the Yeshiva World News. The man said that when he tried to film the bus driver making the Nazi salute, the bus driver knocked his cell phone to the ground.

The bus company reportedly denied that the incident took place but local residents reportedly witnessed the altercation.


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