Hallmark Plans to Make Hanukkah Movies in 2019


The Hallmark Channel, famous for its Christmas movies, is finally adding some (holiday) diversity to its mix: Hallmark is now in the business of making Hanukkah movies!

Forbes reported that the channel “has two movies with Hanukkah themes under development that it plans to air next year.” One of the films, tentatively titled Holiday Date, will have “Hanukkah elements.” (That makes us think it’ll probably just be a Christmas movie with one or two Jewish people, maybe a menorah thrown in there, a la the “Happy Hanukkah” uttered to Mr. Hooper on the iconic Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.)

It’s not the first time Hanukkah will appear on the Hallmark Channel. In 2012’s Hitched for the Holidays, the protagonist, Julie, needs a fake boyfriend to “placate her Jewish mother for the holiday season.” Obviously, she falls in love with him.

While people are excited for some Hallmark representation, others have already begun making jokes about them. Because, obviously.

And other are already pitching plots:

Christmas movies in header image via letterboxd.

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