JTA Twitter 50: Laura Rozen


Laura Rozen – @lrozen

There are a handful of journalists who are seen as reliable when it comes to reporting on that darkest of Washington corners, the intelligence community: Adam Goldman at The New York Times, Walter Pincus and David Ignatius at The Washington Post, the blogger Marcy Wheeler. Laura Rozen of Al Monitor is on the list.

Rozen, a pioneering blogger in the last decade, has taken tirelessly to Twitter, which has proven a showcase for her interpretive skills. In the two years leading up the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Rozen was a must-read, and her Twitter feed was a go-to source for the latest updates on the drama. Nowadays her feed is a mix of more general breaking news, analysis of the news she just broke and interesting tidbits culled from the hottest stories of the day.

Here’s an example from the Michael Cohen mess.

In a double tweet last July she noted that the Jewish prankster-comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and the alleged Russian spy Maria Butina each duped the gun lobby using similar flattering methods.

Overall, Rozen holds up information to the light like a gemologist and assesses its value with her vast reservoir of knowledge about Israel, the Middle East and the intelligence community.

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