JTA Twitter 50: Sophie Ellman-Golan


Sophie Ellman-Golan@EgSophie

“I like dresses w pockets + dismantling white supremacist patriarchy,” Sophie Ellman-Golan’s Twitter bio reads, followed by the hashtag #JewishResistance. As the daughter of an activist rabbi, it’s no surprise that the 26-year-old has taken up championing progressive causes. But it’s her role as deputy head of communications for the Women’s March, the group responsible for organizing protest marches across the country in the wake of President Trump’s election, that made her a prominent Jewish voice of the rising young left.

Ellman-Golan uses her platform on Twitter to expose anti-Semitism and bigotry wherever she sees it — in both “alt-right” spaces and where it hits closer to home. Last year, when fellow Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory was criticized for her vocal support of Louis Farrakhan — the Nation of Islam leader who is notoriously anti-Semitic and homophobic — Ellman-Golan’s communication skills were truly put to the test.

There’s plenty of nuance throughout her Twitter feed, where you’ll find takes on the Israel boycott movement, whether anti-Zionism always equates with anti-Semitism and the perennial question “Are Jews white?” Ellman-Golan doesn’t shy away from long back-and-forths with fellow users, willing to further explain a point or apologize when she gets something wrong.

It’s when the Jewish community gets something wrong that her dedication comes through the strongest. She has high standards for her fellow Jews and won’t let her Twitter followers forget it.

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