The Dogist, one of Instagram’s most popular dog-themed accounts, goes to Israel


(JTA) — The Instagram account The Dogist has turned a simple idea into a wildly popular phenomenon: Take candid photos of adorable dogs around the world, and share them with concise captions with humorous quotes from their owners.

The formula has earned the account and its only photographer, Elias Weiss Friedman, over three and a half million followers. There’s a Dogist book full of dog portraits, and the brand has branched out into merchandise.

Friedman travels all over the U.S., and, more frequently, outside the country. Over the past week, he’s been in Israel, hopping from beach to beach in search of the Jewish state’s cutest versions of man’s best friend.

Below are the ones Friedman has captured so far during his visit, with their captions.

(Bonus: The Forward interviewed Friedman back in 2015, when his account had a mere 1.3 million Instagram followers. He described himself as “pretty Reform.”)


Aviva, Golden Retriever (5 m/o), Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel • “She eats the table legs and the sofa.”


Nisso, mix (13 y/o), Carmel Market, Tel Aviv, Israel • “He’s a free dog, no leash. He works with me all day welding.”


X and Y, Siberian Huskies (3 m/o), Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv, Israel • “They’re opposites. X is dominant, Y is submissive.”


Coca, German Shorthaired Pointer (4 y/o), Alma Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel • “She’s very high energy.”


Man, Shepherd mix (2 y/o), Alma Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel • “He’s very stupid but in a cute way.”


Michael, Golden Retriever (4 y/o), Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel • “He’s spoiled. I have one kid and one dog and he gets whatever he wants.”


Maple, mix (1 y/o), Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel • “She hides her bones under the couch and then can’t get them out.”


Chucha, Boston Terrier (3 m/o), Schlomo HaMelekh & King George St., Tel Aviv, Israel • “I’m not really familiar with dogs, but she came into my life and everything became the opposite. She’s great.”


Guga, mix, Mikhoels Square, Tel Aviv, Israel • “He’s named after the tennis player [Gustavo Kuerten] and he loves children.”


Mickey, Boxer (1 y/o), Topsea Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel • “She’s surfs (not alone) but she needs more lessons.”

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