The first kosher wine in a can has arrived


This article first appeared on The Nosher.

Bartenura Moscato is the super sweet, bubbly kosher wine beloved by Upper West Side Jewish gals and hip hop stars alike. It made splashy headlines back in 2005 when the rapper Lil’ Kim mentioned it in one of her songs.

From there, other performers (including Canadian-Jewish rapper Drake) were turned onto the drink, and some have mentioned the sweet wine in their music, too. Since then the kosher wine has just exploded (you can read an interesting history of Moscato here in Vinepair).

For those who have never tasted Bartenura Moscato, it’s sweet, smooth, and only slightly bubbly, like drinking alcoholic fizzy grape juice. It may not be considered the most sophisticated wine, but who cares when it’s delicious and makes some great sangria too?

Now, the beloved sweet wine is making its appearance in can form just in time for the pandemic summer of 2020. That means it will also go down in history as the first kosher wine in a can. Sweet.

Royal Wine Corp, who produces the wine, says the cans are already available in many stores and will be available everywhere by June. It’s sold in four-packs for $15. Good thing my local wine store delivers.

Check out their recent promo video below.

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