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Between the Lines

May 16, 1935
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That the Nazis hate the Jews is a well known fact, but that there are numerous Jews in the Nazi secret service in Germany and abroad, is a fact which is less known.

In Berlin I happened to know a Nazi-Jew who was the head of the Jewish Department in the Gestapo, the secret political police. Himself a young Jew from Upper Silesia, he made no secret to me of the fact that he was the chief spy for the Nazis among the foreign Jewish correspondents in Germany and the rapporteur for the Nazi secret service on the activities of Jewish organizations.


From time to time I saw this young Jewish spy mingling in Jewish crowds, at meetings arranged by the Zionist Organization, at synagogue services, in the cafes on the Kurfurstendam which are visited chiefly by Jews, keeping an eye on the activities of Jewish leaders in Berlin and watching Jewish life closely.

“I wish I were in Palestine,” he once told me. And I did not know whether this meant that he was tired of working for the Nazis, and should have liked, like other German Jews, to emigrate, or whether he wished he had been sent by the Nazis to Palestine to do his spying there.

That the Nazis are maintaining an espionage system among the German Jews in Palestine, there is no doubt. They do this in England, they do it in France, they do it in Holland. Why not Palestine?


The London press is now full of a sensational story about a Jew who was discovered in Poland as an agent of the German secret police. Six months ago this Jew calling himself Hans Sal, arrived in Warsaw. He told the German exiles that he had escaped from a Nazi concentration camp. They received him with open arms, especially since he had plenty of money.

Posing as a well-known writer, the man delivered recitations of his “own” poetry. He wrote for papers in Amsterdam, Praha and Paris. He became engaged to Elli Nadermann, a noted beauty a painter and one of Poland’s wealthiest heiresses.


On the 29th of April he went to Krakow to give yet another of his popular recitations. In the middle of it, a man in the audience arose. “You are not Hans Sal!” the man shouted. “I know Hans Sal well. He is my best friend. He is in a concentration camp in Germany right now.”

The “poet” did not stop to argue. He took to his heels. For two nights and a day the Polish police hunted him. They found him as he was trying to cross the frontier into Rumania.

Following the arrest the Polish police issued a statement saying that “Hans Sal” is none other than Martin Ginsburg. Martin Ginsburg is an agent of the German secret police. He was given the papers of the real Hans Sal, who, in a concentration camp, had no use for them. His duty was to spy on the German colony in Poland. A veiled German beauty paid him regular visits. After each visit Martin Ginsburg swam in money, with which he feted his admirers.


The crowning insult is that the police claim that the intellectuals were completely duped, for Ginsburg’s poems, which he had recited as his own, had been written by none other than Goethe and Heinrich Heine.

This is only one case in which a Jew has been exposed as in the employ of the Nazi secret service. Certain Jewish organizations know of other cases where Jews have place themselves in the Nazi spying service. I know of a case where an editor of a Jewish paper, published outside of Germany, is definitely serving the German cause although he does it in a very cautious manner. The interesting part of it is that the paper made its first appearance soon after the Nazis came into power in Germany.

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