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CATHERINE THE GREAT, a film drama by Lajos Biro, Authur Wimperis and Melchior Lengyel; directed by Dr. Paul Czinner; a Korda-Toeplitz productions, Ltd.; released by United Artusts, At the Astor.

Grand Duke Pater.. Douglas Fairhans, 3r. Catherine Elizabeth bergner Empress Elisabeth Flora Robson Lecocq Sir Gerad du Maurire Princess Anhalt-Zerbst Irene Vanbrugh Katushenka Joan Gardner Countess Olga Dorothy Hele Countess Vorontzova Diana Napier Gregory Orlov Clifford Jones Bestujhev Gibb MacLaughlin Ogarv Clifford Heatherily Colonel Karnilov Allan Jeayes

For the past month the audiences at the Astor Theatre have been entertained by royalty. First it was Queen Christinal of Sweden who unfoded her life for screen fans and now Catherine the Great of Russian has come along to tell her story. Both pictures found a sympathetic response that they well deserved.

Of the two historical pictures I cast my vote for ”Catherine the Great.” This elaborately made English film is the most enjoyable amd entertaining picture I have seen sine ”The Prinvate Life of Henry The VIII.” With the exception of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. the cast is all English and is headed by the homely whose performance as Catherine Should be taken as an example by all American screen stars who think that the can act.

In plot the picture follows with some recognition of his torical truth the early part of Catherine’s eign, she is shown, coming as a young timid German girl, to the court of Empress Elizabeth ready to marry the Grand Duke Peter heir to the throne (Fairbanks) Events move rapidly and the remainder of the picture follows the carrer of the couple. Peter is an trusts everyone including even Catherine, who really loves him and tries to make a ruler out of him, When his Aunt Elizabeth dies and Peter assends the throne he loses all sence of proportion and finally decides to place Catherine in a nunnery but the people and the army want her to rule. Arevolt takes place which ends with the assassinaton of Peter.

It there are any false notes in the picture they are supplied by the younger Fairbanks, who at times ovracts his role and dispays too often the mannerisms of a matinee idol. Miss Bergnergence, a difficult role which in less expert hands could be very cloying. She is ably supported by a competent cast, including Flora Robson who as Empress Elizabeth supplies the film with some of its lighter and more amusing moments.

The scenes, both interiors and out-door shots, and the costumes and details are well within the spirit of the picture.

CAROLINA, an adaptation of Paul Green’s play ”The Homuse of Connelly;” directed by Henry King; a Fox production. At the Radio City Music Hall.

Another picture tha t is a few cuts above the average is ”Carolin,” featuring Lionel Barrymore and Janed Gaynor now at the Music Hall. This is the screeb version of Paul Green’s play, ”The House of Connelly,” that won the Pulitxer Parize. It is the gentle story of improvished members of a once gented somthern family.

As it appeared on the stage ”Carolina” follows in all its path thic detalis the struggles of this exit, even the grocer will not give them any creidit. Along comes a northern girl (Janet Gaynot) who shows the family how it can regain its former standig. Both Miss Gaynor and Mr. Barrymore act their roles well and with sur prising prestraint.

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