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February 16, 1926
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Condemns “Graphic” Series on “Why the Jew Wins”

The articles appearing serially in the New York “Evening Graphic” under the caption “Why the Jew Wins!” are condemned by the “Jewish Daily News” as an insult to the Jews.

The paper especially takes exception to a picture which appeared in the “Graphic” showing Jewish pupils in a Talmud Torah class with the line “Jewish Children Being Trained to Win.”

“We find in this a great insult to the Jews of America, to the Jews of the whole world, to the Jewish nation,” the “Jewish Daily News” writes editorially on Feb. 15, pointing out that “the non-Jewish readers, seeing such a picture, imagine that the Jews establish their own schools in order to ‘train’ their children ‘to win’ in the fight for money and position.

“But every Jew knows that there is not an iota of truth in this,” the paper continues. “The Talmud Torahs are the exact antithesis of everything that is related to ‘winning,’ to success in life. The Talmud Torahs are schools that have been created for the purpose of teaching the Jewish faith, of instilling Jewish morality as it is mirrored in the Jewish sacred books; the Talmud Torah is the most idealistic school in the world because it rests on purely idealistic, moral principles and instills in the minds of the children reverence for things of the spirit which yield no material profit, for education which pays nothing, for the Torah without any practical aims… The Jewish school represents a complete contrast to everything which is generally termed among other people training for success’… The Jew does not ‘win.’ The Jews who fill the garment factories, the Jews who are pushcart peddlars, storekeepers and all the others who barely earn a living, ‘win’ nothing except their bread, and that with great hardship. The Jewish professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc., work hard for their livelihood. The vast majority of them are not ‘winners.’ The whole story of the Jew who wins is an absurd tale like the story of the ‘Elders of Zion.’ Our enemies use it for propaganda against us. If our friends wish to do us a favor by explaining why we ‘win,’ we reject the favor because it is, after all, a propaganda which is based on a false foundation and is of a nature that arouses hatred against us.”


The trouble with many British observers of American life, declares H. L. Mencken in the “Nation” of Feb. 10, is that they derive their information from the “Dearborn Independent.”

Reviewing “The Raven on the Skyscraper,” by Veronica and Paul King of London, Mr. Mencken says:

“Their principal printed authority, in fact, is Henry Ford’s ‘Dearborn Independent,’ which is almost as if an American in England should put his trust in Lord Riddell’s ‘News of the World.’ They derive from it the theory that the United States is now run by the Jews, and that the Jews have the sinister aim of debauching American morals, reducing Christianity to a hissing and a mocking, and unhorsing the Anglo-Saxon. And what they do not get from the “Dearborn Independent” they get from the Babylonish excesses of Hollywood. Here they observe a lamentable Totentanz, with even the clergy flinging legs. It is such a tale as wandering friars from Britain brought home from the Byzantium of John Palaeologus. It is thrilling, but I fear that it is somewhat romantic.”

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