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Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters

October 24, 1926
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[The purpose of the Digest is informative. Preference is given to papers not generally accessible to our readers. Quotation does not indicate approval.–Editor.]

Who is Boris Brasol? This Jew-baiting crusader against Bolshevism who perpetrated on the world the infamous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and inspired Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic propaganda, while mystifying the world regarding his own identity, is a former Bolshevik. This fact is revealed by Isaac Don Levine, well known Russian-American journalist, in an article appearing in the “Jewish Tribune” of Oct. 22.

“There seems to be no public record of his career. There is one place, however, where the full tale of Brasol’s life is available,” writes Mr. Levine. “It is the archive of the Bolshevist party in Moscow. But while the Bolsheviks have been notorious for exposing their enemies, they have, curiously enough, refrained from raising the curtain shrouding Brasol in mystery.

“For Brasol was one of the original members of the Bolshevik party! Long before Trotzky executed that diabolical conspiracy of the international Jewish bankers to seize control of the world, in fact, in the days when Trotzky was still a Menshevik, a ‘pink’ revolutionary pussyfooter, Boris Brasol was one of Lenin’s most militant followers, a full-blooded ‘Red,’ the secretary of the Bolshevist organization at the Petrograd University in 1905. The man who spread so assiduously the myth of Karl Marx being the founder of an international Jewish conspiracy is now revealed as a rock-ribbed Marxist.

“That Boris Brasol was a combatant Bolshevist during the first Russian Revolution-in 1905-is the testimony of VI. Voitinsky, one of the finest revolutionary idealists of Russia, who after serving a long sentence in Siberia under Czarism, now finds himself a refugee from Bolshevism in Western Europe. Voitinsky, in his memoirs published in Berlin, sheds a beam of light on but one period of Brasol’s mystery-wrapped career, and does so inadvertently, without recrimination or any ulterior purpose.”

Giving some excerpts from Voitinsky’s account of Brasol as an active Bolshevik. Mr. Levine concludes:

“The first volume of Voitinsky’s memoirs, from which the foregoing excerpts are taken, deals only with the period of 1905. Perhaps the remaining volumes will throw more light on Mr. Brasol’s subsequent activities. Perhaps Moscow will find it expedient to publish a sketch of Brasol’s colorful career.”

Alfred Frankenthaler, Democratic nominee from New York County for the Supreme Court was endorsed by the Citizens’ Union, the New York County Lawyers’ Association and the Bar Association.

Felix Levy, President of L’Ecole Matemelle Francaise, will be prseented with the Cross of the Legion of Honor next Saturday by Maxine Mongendre, French Consul in New York.

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