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Jewish Agency Aide Meets with High Commissioner on Security; Jews Can Use Armored Cars

December 18, 1947
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The Jewish Agency political chief here, Mrs. Goldie Meirson, today met with High Commissioner Sir Alan G. Cunningham to reiterate Jewish demands for British action to halt Arab attacks or official authorization for the Haganah to take over the defense of the Jewish community. She also demanded that the troops of the Arab Legion be removed from the country.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the government has finally agreed to allow the Jewish Settlement Police to use 18 armored cars allotted to them during the riots of 1936-39 to guard inter-urban convoys. Individual British police are reported to be ##nding bribes of $100 per person to guarantee safe travel between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and $160 for travellers between Haifa and Jerusalem.

British authorities in Jerusalem today permitted Arab buses to pass through their security zones after the company operating vehicles had protested that the passengers’ lives were threatened when the buses passed the Jewish quarter. The authorities have consistently refused a similar request from a Jewish bus company seeking teroute its buses away from Arab sections.

Lydda Airport, terminus for several international lines, including British Oversees always Corporation and U.S.-owned Trans-World Airlines, is filling with arriving passengers who refuse to proceed to either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv without guarantees of safe transportation on roads dominated by Arab bands. Both the government and the airlines refuse to furnish guards, as a result of which most passengers refuse to proceed. Some have spent nights in chairs or sleeping on the floor.


The country was comparatively quiet today for the third day in succession, with only death reported as of this evening. Israel Cohen-Schrieber, 76, was found ordered outside the Old City this morning. He had left home earlier to pay taxes. Other Jewish colony in the Negev, Nevatim, was attacked during the day and two {SPAN}##tlers, Israel Sonnenreich and Samuel Rakovsky, were seriously wounded. A Redgen David air ambulance was flown to the colony and transported the injured men to the nearby fortified colony of Beth Ezel.{/SPAN}The mayors of three Arab villages adjoining the Jewish town of Holon today killed on municipal leaders in Holon and said that they would personally guarantee that the local Arabs would cease sniping and urged the Holon residents to halt their {SPAN}##prisal attacks. The mayors even promised to inform Holon if “foreign elements” entered their villages and that if any shooting occurred, the Holon settlers should telephone the mayors, instead of replying to the fire, and the Arabs would take care ## the attackers. Two of three Arab villages have been the scene in recent days of ##prisal raids, in one case by the Haganah, in the other by the Irgun.{/SPAN}However, Arabs in Jaffa, Nablus, Jenin and other Arab cities are erecting hadblocks to prevent Irgun attacks similar to the raids on Arab towns last week. {SPAN}##rtually all Arab villages and townships have formed local guards units and are lecking all vehicles in the vicinity for arms.{/SPAN}Informed Jewish quarters are inclined to ascribe the present lull in violence to two causes: The demand by the Arab citrus growers that they be allowed to get their fruit picked and marketed before it rots and the fact that the Mufti’s agents are busy organizing new bands and reorganizing old ones in preparation for large scale attacks. Reports reaching the Haganah tell of foverish arming throughout the country. In one village, Ein Karme, Jews with binoculars have observed

The Arab Higher Committee is increasing its pressure on Arabs reluctant to start trouble or those friendly to Jews. The mayor of the village of Huj and his ##er were stabbed to death by an Arab mob in Gaza, allegedly for maintaining contact with Jews an supplying food to Jewish colonists in the Negev. The Committee is also attempting to force Arabs to stop working for Jews or with Jews. This has a double aim, since if the Arabs are jobless and penniless, they are more inclined to ## terrorist bands.

The Committee has also succeeded in getting many Arab police to desert, with their arms. Sixty Arab policemen have already fled to Syria and others have joined guarilla bands. Reports from Syria say British agents there are helping to organist units to wage war against Palestine Jews.

Amidst the turmoil, the rumors and alarms, a Jewish farming settlement, which will be on the frontier between the projected Jewish and Arab States, was established stay between Ramat Hakovesh and Kfar Yavetz, northeast of Tel Aviv. The settlers an immigrants who arrived here from Greece and Turkey about a year ago.

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