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Jewish Agency Negotiating for Emigration of Jews from Liberated Europe


The Jewish Agency for Palestine is negotiating with Allied authorities on the question of the emigration of Jews in liberated European countries who wish to go to Palestine, Moshe Shertok, head of the political section of the Agency, revealed today addressing a meeting of the United Palestine Appeal.

The Jewish Agency office here today received a cable from its executive in Jerusalem stating that it is preparing aid for the Jews in liberated Poland, especially in Lublin and Bialystock regions, in response to the appeal received from Dr. Emil Sommerstein, Jewish member of the Polish Liberation Committee.

At a press conference today Mr. Shertok explained the procedure for recruitment for the Jewish brigade and emphasized that the recruitment is open to non-Palestine Jews. Applications of British Jews, he said, are to be submitted to the British war Office which will apply to the Ministry of Labor for release of the applicants from their present occupations as far as this is compatible with the war effort.

Three categories can be transferred at present from other British formations into the Jewish brigade. They are: 1. Polish Jews serving in the British Army, providing that their respective commanders approve of their applications for the transfer; 2. Jewish members of the Pioneer Corps, who will face no difficulties when applying for the transfer; 3. Jews of other British formations. Only a very limited number of the latter group will be allowed to transfer. Polish and Czech Jews serving in their respective armies may apply to their own authorities for transfer to the Jewish brigade. A lack of knowledge of Hebrew is no handicap to joining the brigade, Shertok pointed out.

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