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Jews Appeal to Church Against Ritual Murder


An appeal ot the church synod here to issue a circular against accusing Jews of ritual murder was made yesterday by the Jewish consistory, which pointed out that a similar circular was issued by the synod in 1897.

The consistory also urged that the authorities instruct potice everyhere in Bulgaria to work on the assumption that such accusations against Jews are libelous, Whatever investingations the police nevertheless find it necesary to conduct in connection with such accusations should be undertaken quietly, in order not to create alarm or arouse mass fanaticism, the appeal continued. The urgent action of the Jewish consistory is due to ritual murder accusatons, which have been over. The immediate cause for the revival of such rumors was the appearace of ten heavily armed gendarmes, headed by the former vice-mayor of the town, at the shop of Buco Lewy, a Jewish merchant in the village of Wassilowitzi, with an order to search the premises because two ten-year-old Christian girls from a neighboring village had disappeared. The asumption was that the Jew had murderd them in order to use their blood for Passover.

Immedialely the entire village was aroused aganst the Jews and feeling against them spread throughout the entire district until the children were found. They had visited the shop owned by the Jew, but left to go to the home of a friend, where they remained for some time without their parents’ knowlege. The distressed parents of the girls. influenced by anti-Semitic propaganda, immediately concluded that their children had been murderd.

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